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I was arrested a few days ago for DWI. The arresting officer took my driver’s license but didn’t tell me much about my driver’s license. What should do?


If you do not follow specific requirements within 10 days from the date you were arrested, your New Mexico Drivers License will be revoked for DWI.

You need to make an administrative hearing request with the NM MVD by completing a hearing request form and enclosing a $25.00 check made to NM MVD. When you were arrested the officer should have given you a form called a “Notice of Revocation“. If you did not receive this form, speak with a DWI defense attorney immediately.

Enclose the notice of revocation form, your completed hearing request form, and a $25.00 check and mail to NM MVD. Once again you only have 10 days from the date of arrest to secure your hearing or else your drivers license will automatically be revoked for DWI.

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Can I possibly somehow avoid doing jail time on a third offense DUI?

Possibly; if you hire an experienced DWI/DUI attorney practicing in the state where you were arrested for the respective DWI/DUI.

In New Mexico, a person convicted of a DWI-3rd offense faces a minimum mandatory 30 days in jail if found guilty. For an aggravated DWI-3rd offense, the minimum mandatory jail time is an additional consecutive 60 days. NMSA 66-8-102(F)(2) states, “[.] in addition [.] when an offender commits aggravated driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, the offender shall be sentenced to a jail term of not less than sixty consecutive days.”

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New Mexico Drivers License & DWI

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